Page 111

Page 111

Hello there,

Come with me and let's explore this secret place of Paris further more...
One more week, on more page from my comic. I'm happy to be back on schedule. Wish I could do more than that... But this has been a pretty productive week already.

Once again this scene is inspired by the real life abandoned railway called "Petite Ceinture" which goes pretty much all around Paris. I used a couple photo reference to get the feel of it. I find it incredible that such a place exists in a busy city in France.

About the process, I did my very first Live Drawing Session from Dlive. You can see pretty much all the line work for this page, as well as hear my lovely voice. (Lovely Haha Not!). The video lasts over an hour though...

Thank you all for taking the time to read through this.
If you found this of any interest, well, know that's the best gift back for me! ;-)

Let me know if you like the streaming format. If I should do more of those. Once I'm "on air", It actually forces me to keep on drawing. No distractions are allowed!

Anyway, please write any of your thoughts below. I'll be happy to respond.

See ya,


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