Page 112

Page 112

Hello everyone,


It is my pleasure to deliver a brand new page this week again. I'm liking my new schedule and hopefully I can keep this up for the whole summer. I'll let you know along the way how things are looking.


On this page the struggle was mostly figuring out how the buildings looked like. How it all came together.

I went trough the thumbnail quickly but when actually creating the scene, I asked myself lots of questions.

I think we'll have a better idea on in the next episode.


I did a live stream of the drawing again. You can have a peek at the line work process with the following link.

I'll try to show color next time.


As I mentioned, It's a real pleasure to be cranking out pages. I feel like the story is finally moving forward at an acceptable pace. What a dream it would be to do that full time. Deliver day in, day out, stories that you enjoy.


Feel free to share if you liked what you saw. It might help towards achieving this goal of mine.


I'd love to have your comment on this latest page or the streaming also.


See ya,




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