Page 6

Page 6

Hello hello everyone,


And here is one more page !

We are getting closer and closer to the end of chapter 1 and deeper into the story.


I am happy of how this page looks. I used some photo reference in order to have a nice and plausible result.


I've had this scene in mind for long and it is from personal experience as I've seen, one day, some homeless guys sitting on the Trocadero at 4am.

A lot of the things you'll see in this comic, are things I experienced. Not that I have ever been living in the streets but I do like to observe my environment. I'm often trying to understand what would be the back story, what would lead to the event I've just seen. That's where some of the stories or situations come from. 


As always if you have any comments or you experienced yourself an unusual situation in the streets of your city. Please let me know!


That's it for today, I'll start working on the next page right away!


See ya next Wednesday!



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