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Page 7

Hello everyone,


I finally had time to finish the new page and I feel GOOD.


I have to say that in every project I ever made there is often a moment where I feel that I 'm gonna loose the passion for it.

By that I mean at one point you stop doing it, and you never get back on track. The idea stays there, haunts you, forever, until you get over it or transform it into something else.


I always made stories in my mind, for as long as I can remember it, and I feel that the same character as followed me from one story to the over, transformed by the years and by what I experienced in life. 


All this to say that I need to tell this story haunting me. I need to shoot it out. And I won't sleep until I'm done. (That's a metaphor, I will actually sleep). I missed last week, and I will eventually miss others, but this story WILL be told.





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