Christmas Special #2 - Guest Artist

Christmas Special #2 - Guest Artist

Hello people,

Today is Christmas. So Merry Christmas everyone! 
Here's a great Secret Santa gift I received from a fellow Tapastic artist.
I'm glad to be part of such a friendly and active community.

EDIT: The secret was revealed and the fantastic artist behind this is James Ulmen. 
Check out his comic please!

Thank you for your patience during this holiday break. We'll be back next
week with the few remaining pages from chapter 6 in Shades Of Men.

See ya soon,


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    Jörg (Friday, 01 January 2016 13:32)

    Happy new year!

  • #2

    Jrej (Friday, 01 January 2016 13:47)

    Happy New Year to you too Jörg! Thanks for being such a loyal reader. Many more cool scenes to come in 2016! Hopefully I get close to finishing it by the end of this year! All the best to you anyway!